1. Choose at least two outfits.

Are you an athlete, but also a fashionista? Maybe you grew up in a ranching family, but you also really love tailored denim. No problem! Your senior session and your outfits should reflect ALL of you! For that reason, try to plan out at least two outfits that reflect different pieces of your life. For example, maybe you want to do a few shots in your letterman jacket, and a few in your favorite dress or slacks and a button down. When in doubt, bring more options than you'll need and we'll pick them out together.

2. Coordinate your outfits and your locations.

There's no need to wear hiking gear if we're doing your session in the woods, but it's best if your outfits "make sense" when placed in the environment we're shooting. So if you play baseball and we're shooting at the baseball field, wear something that you would wear there, whether it's your letterman jacket, jersey, or jeans and a nice t-shirt. Conversely, if we're shooting in a pretty field with the mountains in the background, feel free to dress it up a little bit! Ladies, a dress totally works here, just maybe not your prom dress ;)


3. Incorporating color.

Color is wonderful and powerful! It can either make or break your photos, depending on how you use it. As a general matter, neutrals are ALWAYS safe (think khaki, black, white, grey, navy, olive green, mustard yellow, and burnt sienna). These will work in almost any location. If we're shooting in a location with a lot going on, like lots of natural features, colors, or buildings, like a downtown environment, it's best to stick generally with neutrals, as "louder" colors may compete with the background and cause a distraction from your face. Conversely, if we're shooting in a neutral location, I'm all for incorporating more color! Stand out from that background! Think contrasting and complimentary colors: blue and yellow can totally work, just stick with a more neutral blue, like navy, and then go ahead and pick a bold yellow for a statement. You can also play with different shades of the same bold color for another interesting use of color that will be a little less "wild" than contrasting colors. For example, grab a maroon dress, layer a pink scarf, and add some rose gold jewelry!

4. Make sure it's comfortable!

Ultimately, the greatest outfit in the world will look awkward if you're not comfortable in it. You'll be more natural and relaxed in front of the camera if you're wearing something that feels like "you." For that reason, feel free to take inspiration from others, but don't feel any pressure to mimic anyone else's session or outfit choices if it doesn't feel natural for you. While I always suggest bringing one casual outfit and one dressier outfit, this is so that you have a little variety in your photos. There are tons of other ways to incorporate variety, though, so if you're a casual person and don't feel comfortable in "fancy" clothes, that's fine! Bring some jeans and your favorite t-shirt, then grab another colored t-shirt and your favorite flannel. BOOM! You've got a different look without having to go fancy.

Just remember, at the end of the day, your friends and family will want to remember the YOU they know and love: pick outfits that feel like you and represent this stage in your life. I can't wait to shoot with you! Have questions? Let me know! We'll figure this out together:)