New albums!

     Guys! I'm so excited: my printing company has JUST released new album options and they are GORGEOUS! They have so many beautiful leather options for the cover (and fabric!) and the pages are thick. Like for real: this thing is heavy!

     I'm totally excited to be able to offer these albums, so I'm going to take this opportunity to talk about why it's important to get your photos off your phone and into an album or on your walls. Technology is awesome: it lets us keep all these moments with us at all times. We're able to show them off, post them, make them our phone backgrounds - that's all great! But there is something so much more special about being able to hold them, to feel them, to share them as the art that they are! As weird as it sounds, actually taking the time to print and hang my photos, or make an album, increases their inherent value to me because I've invested my precious time and money into prioritizing them as art. I have decided that these snapshots of my life, my family, and my friends are what I want to be surrounded with in my home. They remind me of all the amazing people and things I am so blessed with. While I usually have them on my phone as well, the digital images are something to flip through, but they don't have the same effect on me that my printed images do: the printed ones immediately take me back to the moment they were captured and remind me of what I felt right then. That's important! That's what photographs are supposed to do!

     So now that I've got you thinking about printing all those photos, let's talk briefly about why it's important to have them professionally printed. I'll do a comparison post soon with examples of the same photo printed by different labs, but suffice it to say - for the purposes of this post - that it's worth paying a little bit extra to order through your photographer. Consumer labs (such as Wal-Mart or Target) do not regularly maintain their photo printers (if at all) and this means there is no guarantee that the color will be accurate. This means your skin may be orange or green, super muddy or washed out. With your photographer's professional lab, the photos you receive should reflect exactly what you expect: your photographer's monitor should be calibrated to her lab's printers so that the colors will match exactly: no unexpected green skin! Finally, the paper options available through your photographer will far surpass the standard matte and glossy paper available at the consumer labs. 

     To help you understand exactly what you can expect with your own prints, I have an album and prints on each available paper for you to see so that you can choose an heirloom collection that best suits your personal preference. I can't wait to sit down with you to design your collection!

     **Click on the right side of each photo to see the new album**