| Jessie + Lexi | If she doesn't know to pinch your butt to make you laugh, is she even your friend?

Would you just look at these two...

Guys, Jessie (red dress!) was one of my first friends when I moved to Bozeman AND she designed my website AND she's always such a freaking blast to shoot with. This time, she brought a friend and Lexi was the icing on the cupcake. Look at these two. Just look at them.

Anyway, as Jessie was getting ready, Lexi and I did a few solo shots. This is how it went: 

Lexi: "So I've never really had my picture taken. I'm going to be really awkward."

Me: "That's okay - it's not natural for most people to be in front of the camera. We'll just have fun and let you get warmed up a little."

Lexi: "Like this?"


Me: "Uhhh...yeah that'll definitely do! That's not what I had in mind when I heard awkward..."

Needless to say, girl's a natural. SO gorgeous! And so sweet! And smart! She's just finishing her degree in Community Health and will be heading into the medical field shortly.

Anyway, once Jessie was ready, I gave Lexi a short break to put Jessie to work. She's got the fierce face down like nobody's business. 


She's knock-your-socks-off beautiful and has been such a blessing as a friend and as a long-running piece of my photography world. 

We capped off our morning with something near and dear to my heart: a best friend session. My best friend and I used to do them regularly and they came to be known as our "seasonal engagements." It may seem silly and unnecessary, but I love having those tangible reminders of our friendship (yes I've printed them!) now that we're a few hours apart and don't see each other as often. In fact, it's probably time to update those bad boys ;)


We finished the day with tacos and margaritas at Toro (if you haven't been, go! The food is amazing). 'Twas a good day indeed. What are some traditions you have with your best friend? I want to hear about them!