JESSE + MADISON :: Missoula Couples' Session

I’ll start by saying if you have dogs, PLEASE bring them to your session! Gimme allll the pups!

I’ve been lucky enough to get to know and photograph Madison + Jesse a few times over the last couple of years, starting with a mini session, then their wedding last fall, and now this perfect spring session for kicks and giggles (actually it was to make sure they had “family” photos featuring their sweet pups, Sophie and Scooter, who didn’t get to come to the wedding).

Madison + Jesse have been together a long time (they were high school sweethearts!). In fact, it was especially important to Madison that they get a few photos of Jesse and Scooter because they joke that Scooter is the only thing Jesse has had longer than Madison! Their sense of humor and they way they joke with each other is so refreshing and it’s so clear that they have the type of foundation that only time can build. These two are off to Texas to start a new adventure, so I’m SO glad we were able to squeeze in this sweet session while we were all in Missoula!