Venue: Fort Missoula, Missoula, MT//Photography: Keeley McKay//Dress: Velvet Bride//HMUA: Shear Art Salon//Calligraphy: Kelsey Lapsys//DJ: Randy Boyd


I met Meagan and Dylan through Meagan's brother, Levi, and his girlfriend Jessie. Levi was one of my first friends when I moved to Bozeman, and since he introduced me to Jessie, she's been an amazing friend, my go-to model when I want to shoot, and my web designer! Needless to say, when they told me Meagan was looking for a photographer, I was so excited to meet her.

Meet Levi + Jessie: favorite wedding guests ever. Also some of my favorite people ever.

Meet Levi + Jessie: favorite wedding guests ever. Also some of my favorite people ever.

Meagan and Dylan were fantastic from the word "go." Meagan works for the Montana State Bar and Dylan is an attorney with the State of Montana (funny story: I'd actually been communicating with him on a case before I met him and didn't connect the dots until I revisited an email chain at work!). More importantly than their ties to the legal world were their personalities. Right away, Meagan told me they wanted to do their engagements at the Top Hat in Missoula, where they had their first date. Guys, I LOVE creative and non-traditional engagement sessions like that! Montana is beautiful and it never disappoints as a backdrop, but if I have the opportunity to tell YOUR story in a way that is meaningful to you, I jump at the opportunity. 

So the engagements were a blast (the Top Hat management let us in before they opened - it was awesome!) and they got married last month at Fort Missoula. It was such a beautiful, fun, relaxed day that Meagan and Dylan planned and coordinated on their own (I'm so impressed by people who can do all of this!). 

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