Brides! Let's talk details. Is it important to you to have those editorial-type detail photos woven throughout your wedding gallery? To some it is, others not so much. Neither is right or wrong and it's completely a matter of personal preference! That being said, if those detail photos are important to you, there are a few things you can do to make sure your photographer is able to get all the the shots you want.

Album by White House Custom Colour

Album by White House Custom Colour

First: make a list ahead of time of all of the details you'd like photos of (this can be as broad or as narrow as you want). Examples include the essentials, such as the rings, jewelry, his tie, watch, and both pairs of shoes, but can also include your flowers, any special pieces that may have been handed down by family members, and your invitation suite.

Second: If you've determined that you would like photos of your invitation suite included in your gallery, be sure to save one set for your photographer.

Ribbon by May Arts Ribbon//Invitations by Hey Tayler Design Co.

Ribbon by May Arts Ribbon//Invitations by Hey Tayler Design Co.

Third: Have all the important details of your day in one place at the time of your photographer's arrival. Also, along these lines, if these editorial-type, detail-specific shots are important to you, make sure you've requested your photographer to arrive early enough to get these photos before you have to put them on!

Fourth: If you want to showcase your bling against the gorgeous, velvety backdrop of your wedding colors, consider purchasing a ring box as part of your detail suite. The Mrs. Box makes beautiful boxes in a wide variety of colors and also offers three different monogram lettering styles to customize your box.

Ring box by The Mrs. Box

Ring box by The Mrs. Box

Little touches like a ring box in your colors can add a curated, designed feel to your gallery.

Ring box by The Mrs. Box//Ribbon by Tono & Co.

Ring box by The Mrs. Box//Ribbon by Tono & Co.

Fifth and finally: Communicate with your photographer! Let him/her know what items are important to you. Hopefully, you will have reviewed your photographer's portfolio prior to hiring him/her so you'll have an idea of how they capture these pieces within their own style and will be fully on board with their process, but if it's important to you to get something specific, just tell him/her - we want to provide you a photographic story of your day that will remind you of all the wonderful elements thereof AND one that you will cherish forever!

Preparing for Your Session

     Hello! So I've been thinking a lot about how I want to use this blog: whether I want to limit it strictly to sharing weddings and sessions, whether I want it to be informational, or as a way for you to get to know my personality a little better. I think a combination of all three suits me best, so I'll be sharing ALL. KINDS. OF. THINGS. Weekend adventures, tips and tricks, client spotlights - all the good stuff!

     For my first post, my friend Jessie (who also designed my website!) suggested I share some tips and tricks based on the most common question I'm asked when someone books a session: "so...what do we do?" The following is a short primer on preparing for your session.



     When deciding what you and your significant other will wear for your session, there are a few general guidelines which are provided below. The most important thing to keep in mind though is what you will be comfortable in: it’s hard to act natural in your photos if you aren’t comfortable! With that in mind, the following are a few general suggestions for you to consider:

  • base color: think neutrals (white, off-white, tan, gray, olive green, navy, and black).
  • accent color: think complimentary bolds (for example, if you’ve chosen khaki as your base color and a brighter blue as your accent color, he might wear khaki pants with blue-based plaid shirt, while you wear a cream/off-white top/dress with a bright blue scarf, sweater, or piece of statement jewelry).
  • accent patterns: if your man will be sporting a pattern, think large plaid patterns for him and stripes or large floral prints for you. Just make sure to keep everyone’s patterns in the same color scheme to create a cohesive look. Additionally, if you are worried about stripes making you appear wider than you are, stick with vertical instead of horizontal.

If you need some inspiration, I’ve created a Pinterest board with wardrobe suggestions. Feel free to check it out at And don’t be put off by the formal outfit choices you may see: those pins were chosen as much for their color choices as anything. Use it simply as inspiration to create a wardrobe from your own closet that you can feel comfortable and like yourself in!


     My style is best described as lifestyle/documentary. This means I don’t spend much time posing people or setting up staged scenes with backdrops and props. I strive to capture your life as it really is, because I believe these will be more meaningful in the long run than a staged photograph. That being said, there is a little bit of “creation” involved, so please consider the following:

  • What do you like to do together? If you’re into outdoor activities, you can plan your session around that: grab a sled, bundle up, and let’s head for the hills! Need a Christmas tree? Let’s get one together! Is hiking more your thing? Let’s go!
  • What time of year will your session take place? If it’s in the summer, you can make just about any time of the day work (keeping in mind that the light will be better or worse depending on the time of day), but if it’s in the winter and there is snow on the ground, the reflection from the snow will create a glare. Also, if it’s cold, you may end up with red, runny noses - which is totally fine as long as you know your photos will reflect that.
  • Indoor lifestyle sessions can be a unique way to capture you together: do you play games? Set up the Monopoly board, grab some snacks and have fun!
  • Relaxation is key! Whatever you choose to do for your session, it’s often helpful if you are able to spend the day relaxing beforehand. Have breakfast together, listen to your favorite music, take a shot of your favorite whiskey, whatever you do that makes you happy - do that! This will help you go into the session happy, relaxed, and in sync.

I’ve found couples get the best photos when they are actively engaging in an activity together, rather than being instructed to look at me and smile over and over. This allows you to relax and it lets me capture your natural chemistry and interaction. So think about whatever it is that makes your relationship special and let’s build your session around YOU!