An In-Home Session with Tons of Chemistry and a Dash of Interior Inspo

Where do you feel most comfortable? Maybe it's the solitude and remoteness of nature, or maybe it's right at home, or somewhere else altogether. Either way, finding a spot in which you are relaxed and comfortable can have a huge (positive!) impact on how your lifestyle photos turn out.

I've followed Ashley on Instagram for a while now and when she moved to Bozeman, I jumped at the chance to get to know her in person. Turns out she's just as awesome in person as she is on social media - yay for genuine people! Anyway, when I first met her, she told me immediately that her and her husband Mike were very much homebodies, which totally resonated with me because I am too. Give me coffee, a comfy blanket, and Netflix or a good book and I'm good (until I get antsy and need to get out!). I digress. Back to Ashley: go check out her IG (@ashleyacarpenter) - it only takes one glance at Ashley and Mike's beautiful home to see why they love their time there.

Ashley and Mike have been remodeling their home and have done much of work themselves. Ashley writes about their remodel and DIY adventures on her blog, which you can visit here. She's done such an incredible job brightening up the space by using lots of bright whites and happy neutrals (I call them happy because there's lots of caramel-colored leather and caramel makes me REALLY happy). Their home is clean and classic with just enough hints of rustic and modern to showcase their own personalities and give you a glimpse into who they are.

Anyway, I met up with them at their home to document this new Bozeman/first home chapter in their lives and had such a great time with this fun, sweet (and gorgeous!) couple and their fur-baby Sage. Take a look at their in-home session below, then head over to for some amazing interior inspo and DIY resources!