Long weekend shenanigans

     I took last Friday off to celebrate Dylan's birthday weekend and it was so nice to have an extra day to just hang out! We spent a couple hours in Missoula on Saturday (mostly eating) - it was totally worth it. Notorious P.I.G. has INCREDIBLE bbq!

     Pro tip: get the burnt ends and fire and ice pickles. I promise you won't regret it ;)

     After lunch, we decided to stroll around downtown. I'm a sucker for a good sign and local distilleries, so Montgomery Distillery was our next stop. They have the coolest interior there and I could spend WAY too much time on their couch. In fact I did...it's this gorgeous worn camel-colored leather and it's right next to this huge window, so it's this perfect cozy spot to sit and sip your cocktail and admire the most interesting bae in all the land.

     Pro tip: these guys are seriously master crafters when it comes to cocktails. Pick something on the menu that you wouldn't normally pick - you'll be so pleasantly surprised! 

    Saturday's adventures wore me out. Lucky me though: our good friends made us brunch Sunday morning before I headed back to Bozeman. Both Kevin and Stefanie are in the restaurant industry: Kevin as a chef and Stefanie as front-of-house. They are so gifted and they have the cutest little boy. 

     Last pro tip: if you want to experience Kevin's culinary talents yourself, go grab lunch or dinner at the Top Hat!