Social media is such a funny thing: it can be an all-consuming beast that makes you compare every element of your life to strangers' highlights, but at the same time, it has been such a blessing for this introvert. It's given me a way to connect with strangers who become friends, and that's exactly what happened with Connie. We found each other on Instagram, made a pizza + beer date, and instantly clicked. She's a makeup artist in the Bitterroot, so initially, I was glad to have her as a resource for my clients, but I love taking her photos even more.

Connie + Sam are about to have their last baby: sweet little Jax. It's her story to tell, so I won't share all the details here, but suffice it to say he's been a long time coming and the ride has had some bumps. Given all the bumps, we ended up moving their maternity session up two weeks and it was the most perfect day! The snow had melted in town, but Lake Como was still beautifully blanketed. We had a perfectly clear, bluebird-sky day and these two are so adorable together. Sam takes such good care of Connie and their boys and she is so obviously still head over heels for him (like I said before: spend a few minutes around them and she'll almost certainly crack a PG-13 joke about their relationship).

Montana's Bitterroot Valley never disappoints, but I think Connie + Sam stole the show. Scroll on through for a few highlights!