Brewery hopping on a rainy Saturday

   So this is my first "personal" post and in it, I will share a little about my S/O and partner/second shooter. Those of you who know me personally almost certainly know of Dylan as well: he's my adventure partner/shoulder to cry on/second shooter/additional set of eyes on EVERYTHING. I couldn't do any of this without him.

   Anyway, Dylan is living in Hamilton for work right now, which is a total bummer during the week, but it means I have a reason to get out of town on the weekends - which is what I did last weekend. We watched the snowmobile hill climb for a little while on Saturday, then checked out a couple of Bitterroot Valley breweries for kicks and giggles. The first is a favorite for both of us: Higher Ground Brewing Co. in Hamilton has AMAZING pizza and great beer. At some point, Dylan mentioned that there was a brewery in Darby that is allegedly the narrowest brewery in the state - that seemed reason enough to check it out. 

     Bandit Brewing Co. in Darby is TINY! I don't know for sure if it's the narrowest, but I believe it. Anyway, it was super cool and moody and we were greeted by a horse - A HORSE! - fully tacked up and tied to the hitching post outside (yes, apparently there's enough need for a hitching post!). His owner told us he frequents the brewery on horseback, then rides home after he's done. Apparently, he's a great horse. Either way, he was totally friendly and loved the camera. 

     Unfortunately, Bandit was out of those brews the bartender deemed the best, but the ones they did have on tap were good anyway and the bartender was great. 'Twas a good day indeed!